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Related article: hording will take precedent over conservation-- pushing the price higher and higher, even in the face of falling demand. 8/21/2005 4:37 PM Eric Galloway said... I see Peter Maass (the author of the NY Times Mag piece) is writing a book about oil. I'd advise him to write quickly--just in case the price of oil collapses down to $10 a barrel again (as in 1998)--if he wants Buy Aggrenox Online to produce a freako'-style bestseller. Next year we might be Order Aggrenox back to worrying about the threat from Japan (or perhaps killer bees, or possibly even kudzu). 8/21/2005 4:40 PM Aaron said... A few thoughts from up here in "Oilberta", Canada. - I have a friend who burns raw vegetable oil in his mercedes diesel at 77 cents (CDN) per litre. - People in my town are responding by snapping up Smart Cars. They are everywhere in the Great White North. - It might not be the price of oil in terms of dollars, but the price of dollars in terms of oil. The US dollar has taken a substantial hit as of late. - Price of oil is based on expectations. Investment houses who buy futures contracts do so on expectations. They almost have an incentive to propagate a theory of limited future supply. 8/21/2005 4:47 PM J-Deal said... ?We know about it, and yet the ever-insightful "market" does nothing.? How can you make such a claim? It now costs $1,000 dollars to change any car into a Cheap Aggrenox Natural Gas or propane car. Oil can now be cheaply extracted from Sand Tar and Coal. -did you know America could supplement it?s oil supply with it?s coal supply? Electric cars are now completely viable, still not as good as oil driven cars, but 300 miles on an Aggrenox Online overnight charge ain?t bad. Combustion Hydrogen cars can be made for 50k, fuel cell for about 100k. Should we go on? There are hundreds of examples, and hundreds of alternatives that could go into effect, and be improved upon within months, if your catastrophe ever comes about. ?There is only a finite amount of easily-extractable oil underground? You need to research this Buy Aggrenox a bit more, you do realize that the definition of easily extractable oil has changed every single year of your life? Tar sand which a few years ago was considered costly, can now be done for relatively cheap. Deep oil which was once impossible to drill, can now be done for $12 a barrel. American Oil companies have not once accurately predicted oil prices beyond 5 years. Always stating a higher cost than they expected, always underestimating the increase in technology. Tappable Oil reserves have increased every year I have been alive. If that ever changes, you will soon see oil substitutes increase every year. ?Renewables can't provide energy at the rate we are accustom to, so we use the "battery" of oil that we are draining.? France gets 80% of it?s energy from Nukes, we get 20%. Even if your statement is true, Purchase Aggrenox Online we have a long way to go. The article you link is Generic Aggrenox basically bunk. About 90% of oil use in America goes to transportation. That other 10% can be made up easily just through use of alternatives. It doesn?t even explain the green revolution properly. Look it up at Wiki if you care. I don?t know if you know anyone in the car business, but Purchase Aggrenox bring this all up with them. Every car company has a plan to switch from Gas to other alternatives. The price of which would only be about 16 billion dollars. The cars would not Buy Cheap Aggrenox be as Order Aggrenox Online good as gas cars at first -miles per tank of about 200-300 miles- but that would improve very quickly. ?Look at Surprise, AZ - a community with no public transport, a group of suburbs which are virtually unsustainable without